Projects & Hackathons

Paypal BattleHack: FundMatch, Summer 2014 Screenshots Blog post

MIT 6.570 Mobile App Competition: Semi-finalist, Practica, Winter 2013 Slidedeck

The Cable Show Imagine App Challenge: 3rd Place ($2,000 prize), Workout Buddy, Spring 2012 Demo video

Angel Hack: Live! Event, Summer 2012 Demo video


Intro to RESTful API Design, Winter 2016 Slidedeck

Senior Seminar: Hackathons: Finding the Hacker in You, Fall 2012 Slidedeck

Tanner: Project, Perks, and Perspectives: Navigating Emerging Technologies, Fall 2012 Prezi

Ruhlman: Hacking for the Community: How to Build a System in One Day, Spring 2012 Slidedeck

Blogs & Articles

Expression and Diversity through Code Blog post

Open Source Comes to Campus Event with, Spring 2013 Ada Lovelace Day Blog post Event Summary Blog post